The Ferris-Wheel

The translation of this post is dedicated to an American friend of mine. You can have a chance to know him at the bottom of this article.

Este post é dedicado a um amigo que, infelizmente, não pode ler em português, mas você pode conhecê-lo melhor no final deste artigo.

I introduce you, ladies and gentleman, a child. A child who like every other child at her age still didn’t learn to distinguish possible than impossible dreams – a defense mechanism that we, adults, created to hide our complete incompetence in achieving targets and objectives generated in our hearts.

The dream was born like this, suddenly, without any previous warning, without worrying about consequences, kind of like summer love or spoiled child. The girl was in a park, cotton candy on a hand, popcorn on the other. Then she saw it, and she would never forget it. It was right in front of her, it was the biggest one she had ever seen. It had amazing colors. The cotton candy fell off her hand, the popcorn almost, but everything she could see was the biggest and most colorful ferris-wheel on earth. She tried to picture how would be the sight from up there, seeing all those people looking like ants. It was right at this moment that the dream got her. There was no coming back. She needed to step on the ferris-wheel. Life down there wasn’t funny anymore, everything was black and white, people were too big, they didn’t look like ants.

The girl then ran toward her dream. Arriving at the entrance of the ferris-wheel she got to a tall man with a Tie. Around his chest she could see a label. The label said: “Dream Killer”. Without paying attention to what she just read, she tried to walk in, but she was stopped by his arms. This moment, she saw a huge warning, written in huge letters, that said: “minimum height: 5,25 ft”.  She was 4,92 ft. The popcorn fell on the ground, the music stopped, everybody started looking. Now, it was clear, there were huge centimeters missing. The dream had been interrupted. Everybody laughed.

The girl went back home, aware that she would never see the world from up there. She was missing  the ferris-wheel, she was missing what she never had. The other kids, that were more than 5,25 ft tall, made fun of her. They said: “It’s too bad, you will NEVER be able to ride the ferris-wheel”, another one completed: “Yep, never, but don’t feel bad, change your dream for something else, how about something smaller, the carousel? you got not physical ability to get on the ferris-wheel”. The girl then hit the ground, the ground was a terrible place to be, but it was a place where she couldn’t fall any more, she was at the bottom, the limit. Nothing would be more distant from the sky, then where she was. Then, between two possible exits she made a decision. The first one, obviously, was to give up, never think about the ferris-wheel again and try to be happy with the carousel. The second was to focus who could solve her problem, not the size of her problem. Going against all odds she chose the impossible, knowing that she couldn’t loose what she never had.

A few months later, the impossible became possible, the black and white became colorful. The humility, perseverance and wisdom of the girl had conquered the only person that really mattered the whole time, the ferris-wheel’s owner. He took her hand toward the park, and slowly walking, they got really close to that big wheel so she was in front of the men with the tie again. The Owner whispered something in her ears. She listened and, with her hand, took the label that was on his jacket off. Under that old and dirty paper, there was a brand new identification: “Dream Maker”. With an smile on his face he made a movement signing for the girl to get in the wheel. The wind hit her face, messed up with her hair, people looked like ants and she could feel the clouds between her fingers.

Back on the ground, she went straight to tell the other kids how nice her experience had been, sure that now they would respect her. But before she even finished her sentence they started muttering: “Oh, come on, are you happy with that?!”, “there are several other ferris-wheels in the world that you will NOT be able to ride”, “this one here is too small, I bet it wasn’t so much fun”, another one took a chance: “If it was for me, this ferris-wheel could fall down with you inside!”. Right that moment, the Owner, that was watching the scene for a while, showed up and with an smooth movement knocked down all of those kids. Then, our girl noticed: they weren’t kids there on the ground, right after they fell, they transformed back into old, wrinkled, unhappy and envy women. The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They fell so easily because they were on big stilts, they didn’t even have enough height to get on the wheel, they never did, they would never get the chance to.

OK, but now you ask yourself, where the hell did all those characters come from? Well, let’s change some of them. I’d like to change the park for an airport and the ferris-wheel for an airplane. The owner of the ferris-wheel? I would change him for God. The man with the tie? I would change him for “Attitude”. Finally, the girl, our kid, I would change her for another girl, ladies and gentleman, I introduce you Vanessa Damasceno dos Santos, my wife, who right this moment is having her very first day as a Flight Attendant  for one of the most important airline companies in Brazil.

P.S.: you must be asking yourself, what about those old and unhappy women? Well, living a life of lies is enough punishment for them, but anyway, they DON’T have enough height to be in my story.

Congratulations honey, I’m really proud of being your husband.

And, for those of you who want to know a bit more about my friend, here you go:

E para vocês que querem conhecer meu amigo um pouco melhor, aqui vai:


Uma resposta para “The Ferris-Wheel

  1. Hello Gabriel!

    Thank you SO much for translating this so I could read it. I love it! You seem to write (at least in this post in particular) in the Magic Realism genre, which is my favourite style of writing. I can definitely empathize with your main character as I was always too short to go on the rides when I was younger 🙂 I really like how you ended this story too, with the Owner (and former enemy) sweeping away the true enemies.

    You write beautifully, so I think if you ask your readers a direct question (or write a post requesting information or feedback), you’ll get a ton of comments. I’ve subscribed to your blog so I’ll see when you post next, and I’ll try to translate your post with Google.

    Congrats to your wife on her new job, and THANK YOU so much for sharing this post!

    Tenha um ótimo dia! (I used Google for that – I hope it says: “Have a great day!”)

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